Payments via e-wallets are processed by the user filling in a short form with their name, phone number, email address and banking info. They will be send a PIN code in order to confirm the transaction and to be charged the amount they want to add from their account. E-wallets are a great way to convert users for one off payments such as credit top ups.

How it works


Consumer is prompted to select his mobile network from a drop down and enter his name, mobile number, email address and account number


He clicks on ‘pay’ and is taken to a confirmation page confirming the amount, the service and asking him to enter a four-digit pin code that he has received


He clicks ‘send’ and is taken to a page where the price is shown once more and where he presses a ‘confirm’ button in order to get charged


Upon successful transaction he is taken to the confirmation page where he can access the content that he paid for